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Labour Scandals was born on 17th Fedruary 2005 to document various ethical, moral and competence problems afflicting our Labour-led Government. Labour Scandals is not linked to any political party, candidate or other organisation. However all dirt is considered, regardless of origin. Obviously I'm not interested in hearing of Helen Clark's glorious policies for funding the Royal New Zealand Ballet. In fact such emails will be deleted as fast as I can move the mouse.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

John Campbell's political bias

From the Sunday Star-Times of 14th Dec 2003 - "The importance of being earnest"

Who did John Campbell vote for at the last election?
"I was bewildered last election, I didn't have a clue who to vote for. I obviously wasn't going to vote Labour after being called a little creep by the leader of the Labour party. I voted for the Alliance. They're good people."
Campbell's favoured political writers:
"I admire essayists. John Pilger, obviously, even though I think he does sometimes use a sledgehammer to kill an ant, but God, he does it. Edward Said (literary critic and advocate of the Palestinian cause in America) I thought was brilliant, wonderful; (Noam) Chomsky, though I wish he was more accessible to people.
Campbell on news reporting:
If Campbell has his way, we could be seeing more Corngate-style interviews on our screens. Or even more radical, quite subjective news.

"I think the old style, the old model, of dispassionate, objective reporting is passing. I believe that, by and large, it was a fraud anyway and that we can always see the pro-establishment bias of the media.
We report everything now, in almost all branches of media, almost all the time, without context and without history and without analysis. We report everything as if it were spot news, as if it were a car crash. It's problematic.


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